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AI and Healthcare

By Taneshq Verma Artificial intelligence in Healthcare, simplified as use algorithms that can mimic human cognition in analysis of complex medical reports and data. With increase in computation power and amount and complexity of medical data of a person have forced us to intervene the predictive power of algorithms in healthcare also. As we are

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Smart Dust: A futuristic version of IOT, but are we ready for it?

By Anupam Mishra Drringg!! Drringg!! Drringg!!…… “I hate this annoyingly accurate chronometer.” thought Alex, as he unwillingly woke up from his deep slumber. He peered out through his basement window as he put his old-fashioned glasses over his groggy eyes, looking for any hint of some scatter of early morning sunlight. It was pitch dark,

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Baby naming time? Here’s how people judge what’s in a name

There has always been an interest in how the name of a thing affects our interpretation of it. Does it matter what something or someone is called? Imagine that you are going to meet either “Anne” or “Kate” (or “Owen” or “Kirk”). Would you expect different kinds of people, based on their names? Who would you expect to be kinder? Who would you expect to be more outgoing?

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