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AI and Healthcare

By Taneshq Verma Artificial intelligence in Healthcare, simplified as use algorithms that can mimic human cognition in analysis of complex medical reports and data. With increase in computation power and amount and complexity of medical data of a person have forced us to intervene the predictive power of algorithms in healthcare also. As we are

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Sidewalk Toronto’s master plan raises urgent concerns about data and privacy

On June 24th, Sidewalk Labs, the Google sister company proposing a smart city for Toronto’s eastern waterfront, released its mammoth 1,500-page Master Innovation and Development Plan
During Sidewalk Labs’ approximately two-year public consultations, privacy and control over data quickly emerged as flashpoints. A July 2019 survey by The Forum Poll found that while only 38 per cent of Torontonians were familiar with the smart-city project, 60 per cent of those people did not trust Sidewalk Labs to collect data on its residents.

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Pseudoscience is taking over social media – and putting us all at risk

Search for “climate change” on YouTube and before long you’ll likely find a video that denies it exists. In fact, when it comes to shaping the online conversation around climate change, a new study suggests that deniers and conspiracy theorists might hold an edge over those believing in science. Researchers found evidence that most YouTube videos relating to climate change oppose the scientific consensus that it’s primarily caused by human activities.

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